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The return of Antoinette Taus

antoinetteThirty-two year old singer/actress Antoinette Taus, being back in the Philippines, is mainly excited in pursuing her singing career, to come out with an album, working with producers she met in the US.

While abroad, Antoinette experienced a lot to grow as an individual and had to do hard work to achieve the singing career she wanted. She admits making her dreams come true in the United States is far different back here in the Philippines where things come easy for her.

“In LA, it takes 10 years to put you at the doorway to fame. I mean yeah, it’s about talent. But people in the States really fight for equality. They really want you to gain experience, build contacts and develop close relationships with people. You really see how hard everybody works for everything there, and they value their craft so much — so much more than people do here, I feel. It’s easy to take things for granted here in the Philippines. Life is just happier, easier, free flowing. And I mean that for everything, not just showbiz.”

Remembering her “tweetums” love team moments with Dingdong Dantes. Antoinette admits she shivers on the thought of it.

“It’s just because I’m older, maybe. ‘Cause during that time, that was how kids were when they fell in love. Now, I can’t imagine myself doing that with somebody.”

There are still many projects in the works in store for Antoinette (most of which she can’t divulge at the moment) and one of them is an indie film for an international market.

“I’m really looking forward to that. Both the script and the role are not what I usually do.”

For now, Antoinette is still uncertain on how long will she be staying.

“At this point, I’m just gonna go with the flow. Anyway, it’s easy to go back and forth nowadays. But for now, I just might actually call the Philippines my home.”

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