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Vina Morales: Shaina Magdayao from Friends to Real Relationship with Piolo Pascual

Shaina Magdayao, a Kapamilya actress, still hides something elusive with her special friendship with the Kapamilya heartthrob, Piolo Pascual. Vina Morales her sister supposes that there may be a romantic start up between the two.

According to the Kapamilya singer, she had one time asked Shaina if what really is her true status with the heartthrob. But she refused to give any answers to Vina and just replied to leave her alone. The singer, despite of the silence of her sister, still has a trust on her and believes that in the end she will do the best decision for herself.

Morales do not want to ask Piolo Pascual personally about his status with Shaina, because her reason is it’s their personal relationship and she has no right to be involved. The Kapamilya star trusts the both of them because they are establishing good developments to their relationships with each other.

The singer is happy for them also and she wishes that there will be no future issues to be thrown at them. If her sister is comfortable and happy with Piolo Pascual, then she trusts her and hopes that she will give conclusion to all the circumstances that she faces.

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